As I already installed the Front Carpets from Mike Lane Mods in my Fanhome 1:8 scale Knight Rider K.I.T.T. partwork model, I wanted to take it all the way and also install his matching Trunk Carpets set.

This is a 4-piece set of scaled and pre-cut carpet designed to fit the entire trunk area of the build. Each piece is backed with a strong adhesive that will last the life of the model. A plastic ‘spudger’ tool is also included to help press the carpets into tight spaces. They are best installed during your assembly of Stage 67.

This carpet is available in three different colors, with the Tan Brown being the best match to the screen-used vehicles. I will be using the Tan Brown on our K.I.T.T. build:


Step 1

Peel the backing paper from the largest carpet piece and adhere it to the forward area of the Rear Floor Panel.

I recommend only peeling about a third of the backing paper away from the ‘notched’ end to get started, as shown:

Next, align and lightly stick these tabs to the matching areas at the front of the Rear Floor Panel, as shown:

Wrap the carpet piece towards the rear of the Floor Panel, smoothing the carpet as you go:

Peel another third of the backing paper away and continue to adhere to carpet to the Floor Panel, smoothing as you go:

Finally, remove the backing paper completely and smooth the carpet piece down into the Floor Panel recess, as shown.

You can use the included spudger tool to press down on the edges of the carpet so the adhesive can take hold:

Step 2

Check the fitment of this next piece of the carpet set. Note how it lines up to the mounting tab and rear corner of the Floor Panel:

Just like the larger pieces, we can peel back some of the backing paper on this carpet piece to only expose a smaller adhesive area:

Align this carpet piece to the mounting tab and Floor Panel corner, then press it down into place:

Wrap this carpet over the rounded edge towards the center of the Floor Panel, then press it firmly into place as shown:

Step 3

On the opposite side of the Floor Panel but in the same way, test-fit, then align and secure the smallest carpet piece to this corner, as shown:

Again, wrapping the carpet down into the recess of the Floor Panel:

Step 4

Being installing the final carpet piece by aligning it to the notch at the rear of the Rear Floor Panel, as shown.

Here, I only peeled back about a third of the backing paper. This carpet should fit in between the two side carpet pieces:

As you smooth this carpet piece forward, be sure to push it down into the recessed shape of the Floor Panel:

Finally, remove the backing paper completely and seat the rest of the carpet piece into place.

Once this piece is installed, we are finished! If desired, you can use the flat edge of the spudger to tuck in the carpet joints for a cleaner look:

When this Panel is then installed into the Chassis, it looks like this:


The stock texturing of the Rear Floor Panel is as good as the main Interior Floor Panel, but my OCD wanted to keep everything the same so these Trunk Carpets had to go in! As always, a big shout out to Mike Lane for creating such a superb product for us builders!

If you are interested in this product, head on over to the Mike Lane Mods website!

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