If there is one thing that Mike Lane Mods does right, it is adding the smallest details to our models. Here, we have his Metal Front Bumper Grilles mod for this Fanhome 1:8 scale Knight Rider K.I.T.T. partwork build-up.

This mod consists of two custom metal grilles (left and right) that will sit in front of the fog lights on the Front Bumper and recreate the look of the various K.I.T.T. cars used throughout the first and second season of the Knight Rider television show:


I installed this mod right after completing Stage 2, so my Front Bumper was not attached to the car yet. All I needed to do was remove the screws holding the Light Housings (fog lights) in place:

If you installed the Left Side Light Bracket, you should remove it as well (it was never found on the real TV cars). Save the AM screw:

Starting on the left side, take the Front Bumper Grille marked ‘L’ and carefully remove the backing paper from the adhesive pad. This pad is extremely sticky, so don’t press it into place until you are sure where it goes:

Gently fit this grille into the Front Bumper, aligning the rounded tab of the grille to where this screw post is:

Secure this grille into place with the removed AM screw from earlier, as shown:

Align the louvers of the grille to the long opening of the Front Bumper and press the adhesive pad onto the inside of the bumper nose to permanently secure it. If the grille bars appear warped at all, you can adjust the screw a bit to help with this:

The right side Front Bumper Grille (marked ‘R’) can be fitted in exactly the same way. A spare AM screw from earlier stages will be needed:

At this point, your Light Housings can be reinstalled:

Unfortunately, my right side ‘fog lights’ do not arrive until Stage 81, so I can only show off half of them:


I wasn’t sure if I was going to use these Metal Front Bumper Grilles on my build, but I think they look superb! I was initially worried about the fitment, but it turns out they fit into place perfectly. Installing this mod was super quick and I love the final result. Thanks Mike Lane!

If you would like to purchase this mod, head over and check out Mike’s Metal Front Bumper Grilles here.