As I already have the Front Carpets from Mike Lane Mods installed in my 1:8 scale Knight Rider K.I.T.T. partwork build, it only made sense to match up the door cards with the same treatment. Here, we have his Door Carpets, Badges and Rear Sail Panel Trims mod.

This mod consists of a four-piece set of self-adhesive carpeted Door Panels, new Badges, updated Rear Sail carpet pieces, and replacement Felt Strips that will protect your side Windows on both sides. These carpets are colored to match the doors seen in the first season of the Knight Rider television show (and what our model’s interior is based upon). I believe the stock parts may be based on a later season door:


Door Carpets

This mod can be installed once we receive the two Door Inner Panels in Stage 70 and Stage 73, but preferably before the Doors are attached to the Central Body Structure . I waited until both stages arrived so I could update them both at the same time.

Step 1 (Optional)

If you already built your Door Inner Panels, we will need to strip them down by removing the Armrest and both fabric Decorative Panels. You may optionally want to remove the Inner Panel Profile (upper trim strip) as well:

Step 2 (Optional)

To be fully accurate to the season 1 filming cars, we need to change the color of the upper and lower trim strips. For the lower strip, I used 12mm Tamiya Tape for Curves to carefully mask off this section of both Inner Panels:

In real life, this was actually a stitched vinyl trim piece that was the same color as the rest of the interior:

Next, I used painter’s tape to further mask the Inner Panels to prevent any overspray:

Then, I airbrushed a few light coats of Vallejo Model Air 71.028 Sand Yellow acrylic paint onto the exposed trim areas. I found this to be an extremely close match to the interior color:

For the Inner Panel Profiles (upper trim), this was a chrome strip with a black line insert on the real car. To replicate this effect, I first airbrushed both stock parts with Vallejo Model Air 71.063 Silver Metallic acrylic paint:

Once this paint set for a few minutes, I gently scraped down the center channel of the trim with a wooden toothpick. Slowly, this removed the silver paint and exposed the black plastic underneath:

Finally, to bring a shine to these Profiles, I sealed them with Tamiya TS-13 Gloss Clear acrylic spray paint:

Step 3

Carefully peel the backing paper from the matching upper Door Carpet and adhere it to the Inner Panel, as shown.

When applying adhesives like this, I tend to only peel half of the backing paper back and get one end correctly positioned first:

Then, I removed the rest of the backing paper and aligned the remaining Door Carpet into place:

Carefully peel the backing paper from the matching lower Door Carpet and adhere it to the Inner Panel, as shown.

This Carpet was applied in the same way, starting at one end and adjusting it as I stuck it into place:

Step 4

If you removed them, reinstall the Inner Panel Profiles by pressing the four pins into place, as shown:

This completes the installation of the Door Carpets section. Here is what the other completed door looks like:


The first four Pontiac Trans Ams provided to the Knight Rider production team had small door plugs (with a Firebird logo) where the manual window knob handle would have been. As the show progressed, these plugs slowly disappeared as new vehicles were supplied and door cards were replaced. You can choose whether or not to install these Badges on your model.

Step 1

To place these Badges correctly, align them with this ‘slot’ of the Door Control Panel and sitting about 2mm below the lower trim strip. Carefully peel the backing paper from the Badge and adhere to the lower Door Carpet, as shown:

Felt Strips

The stock build includes a set of Self-Adhesive Detail vinyl strips that are installed inside the metal Door exterior to protect the side Windows from being scratched as they are rolled up and down. These new Felt Strips replace these stock parts with a single soft felt strip on each side of the Window – not just on the Door side, but also on the Door Inner Panel side.

Step 1

If installed, remove the stock Self-Adhesive Detail strips from the Door interior. Peel the backing paper from a new Felt Strip and place it in the same position, just under the edge as shown:

Step 2

Install another Felt Strip to this upper interior edge of the Door Inner Panels. I did install these but the picture did not come out. Here is another picture showing where the Strip should be installed:

Rear Sail Panel Trims

COMING SOON! I have not received these parts of my model yet. I will update this page when I do and apply the mod to them.


This is another mod I didn’t realize I needed as the stock parts look pretty good. For me, it was a thing of consistency (matching the updated Carpets) and accuracy (the colors and Badges) to the first season of the show. As usual, Mike Lane has produced another high-quality detailed product that improves the look of our great K.I.T.T. model build!

If you would like to purchase this mod, head over and check out Mike’s Door Carpets, Badges and Rear Sail Panel Trims here.