Here we have another great modification for our Fanhome 1:8 scale Knight Rider K.I.T.T. partwork build-up from Mike Lane Mods. This time around we are installing his fantastic Metal Dashboard Grilles.

This mod consists of three custom metal Grilles that fit into the recesses of the stock Dashboard to make it much more accurate to the Knight Rider television show. Two sets of self-adhesive Pads with cut-line notches are also included:


This mod can be installed at any point after we receive the Dashboard in Stage 4, but it is recommend to install them before the Dashboard is installed into the model. Each of the Grilles provided with the product is attached using small self-adhesive Pads, but they do need to be cut down to size using scissors or a hobby knife.

Step 1

Starting with the larger set of Pads, cut off one section using the notches along the sides as a guide where to cut:

Peel the backing paper off one side of this Pad and apply it the larger solid area on the smooth side of a speaker Grille, as shown:

Step 2

Next, cut off one section of the smaller Pads, again using the notches as a guide where to cut:

Then, peel the backing paper off one side of this Pad and apply it to the smaller area on the same smooth side of this Grille, as shown:

Step 3

Peel the second backing paper off both of these Pads, leaving the self-adhesive material behind:

Step 4

Gently press this Grille into the matching recess of your Dashboard, taking care not to put pressure on the slotted area.

In place of these Pads, you can also use tiny drops of super glue to hold these Grilles in place as needed:

Step 5

Repeat the previous steps to install the second speaker Grille in the same way, by adding the two self-adhesive Pads

… and carefully pressing it into place on your Dashboard:

Step 6

For the long defroster Grille, cut another section of the larger Pads, removing one side of the backing paper, and apply the Pad to the center of the smooth side of the Grille as shown:

Again, remove the second backing paper to expose the self-adhesive material:

Finally, guide this defroster Grille into the matching long recess of your Dashboard, taking care to only press down on the center section.

On my model, I chose to use a few tiny drops of super glue at the ends to make sure this laid down as I wanted:


To be honest, I did not even realize our stock Dashboard did not have accurate grilles until I saw this mod. Again, thanks to Mike Lane, we were easily able to add a nice touch of realism to our model. It really is the little things that add up to a great result!

If you would like to purchase this mod, head over and check out Mike’s Metal Dashboard Grilles here.