Imagery above by Universal Studios.

The Fanhome 1:8 scale Knight Rider K.I.T.T. is the most detailed model of its kind. It is based on careful study of the original TV car that was the star of the television show in my opinion. However, there are always opportunities to customize and add more realistic details to every model.

Luckily, there are communities of fans who, like myself, are passionate about updating these partwork models to be more realistic and accurate to the real thing.  Some of them will produce amazing custom modifications (mods) you can add to your RMS Titanic to give it more accuracy and detail.

Some mods will be very affordable and others are quite expensive. It is totally up to you which ones to install. Every build is going to be slightly different no matter what, so do what you want!

On that note, here will be is a list of the mods I have chosen for my build. Details on and where to get each mod can be found on their individual pages.

My Custom Mods

ModificationIn Stage(s)
Removing the Pedestrian Sensor1, 81
Chroming the Scanner Base1
Stiffening the Hoses10, 19, 28
Adding Color to the Hoses15
Painting the Turbine engine19, 23, 27
Light Blocking the Keypad48
Light Blocking the Center Console51
Removing the Gearshift Logo51
Filling the Seat Belt Buckle Holes51, 52, 53
Helping the Headlights Close79
Helping the Headlights Open80

From Mike Lane Mods:

Metal Front Bumper Grilles2
Dedicated Page
Metal Drilled Brake Discs3, 9
Dedicated Page
Magnetic Hub Cab Conversion Kit3, 16, 37, 39
Dedicated Page
Metal Dashboard GrillesAnytime after 4
Dedicated Page
Dashboard Monitors and Power BoostAfter 47
Dedicated Page
Front Carpets49, 52
Dedicated Page
Floor Mats52
Dedicated Page
Heel and Toe Pads52
Dedicated Page
Metal PMD Seat Badges58, 61
Trunk Carpets67
Dedicated Page
Door Carpets, Badges and Rear Sail Panel Trims70, 73
Dedicated Page
Extension Cables86

From Brickstuff:

Drop-In Scanner UpgradeAnytime after 5 and before the Front Bumper is mounted during 86