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“In this issue, you will mount the front bumper and the left front wing with all its components on your K.I.T.T. scale model.”




Materials: The Air Inlet Grille is metal, the Adhesive Strips are vinyl, and the other parts in this stage are plastic.


  • The Series – Knight of the Juggernaut (Part 2)
  • Build Your KI.T.T. – Step by Step


Left Front Wing Air Intake and Inner Support

Step 1

Retrieve your Left Front Wing assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Left Front Wing Air Intake Grille into this matching location on the outside of the Front Wing, as shown:

Cover this Grille with the Left Front Wing Air Intake, as shown:

Secure the Grille to the Wing from the inside with two (2) BP screws, capturing the Grille in place:

Step 2

Fit the Left Front Wing Inner Support to the inside of the Front Wing, orienting it over the screw posts as shown:

Secure this Support into place with three (3) EM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 3

Retrieve your Front Bumper assembly from Stage 82. Apply the thin, angled Adhesive Strip to the top edge of the Scanner Lens, as shown.

I believe this Strip is intended to block the red light from showing out the top of the scanner:

Step 4

Retrieve your Body assembly from Stage 85 and carefully place it upside down on a soft surface. Fit the Front Bumper assembly (also upside down) to the front of the Motor Bay Frame, as shown:

There is a rounded tab in the center of the Front Bumper Inner Frame that needs to be fitted over this matching post of the Motor Bay Frame. As you bring these assemblies together, make sure the Bumper does not interfere with the Headlight Covers:

Secure the tab of the Inner Frame to the Bay Frame with one (1) GM screw.

Do not overtighten this screw as the rounded tab is plastic and could be damaged:

Step 5

Secure the Front Bumper to the Right Front Wing with two (2) more GM screws, as shown:

Step 6

On the left side of the model, route the wiring at this location through this square hole (red arrow below) of the Left Front Wing. Then, remove the Adhesive Strip we applied to the wiring in Stage 80 (yellow arrow below):

If you installed the Brickstuff Scanner Upgrade like I did, you will notice that the extra red/black twisted mode control switch wire in these pictures. However, I also noticed that the power plug for this mod is very short (circled below):

I needed to an Extension Cable from Mike Lane (two would be even better) to extend this wire all the way through the square hole and into the Body:

Step 7

Fit the wiring between the pair of posts at these two locations and cover them with the Cable Grips. Secure the front Grip to the Motor Bay Frame with two (2) AM screws, as shown:

Secure the rear Cable Grip into place with two (2) more AM screws:

Step 8

Using one of the straight Adhesive Strips for Cables, secure the wiring at the front between these two raised circular screw holes.

It is important that this wiring is not near the screw holes as when we mount the Left Front Wing, it could pinch wires in the way:

Use the second Adhesive Strip for Cables to secure the wiring at the top of the wheel arch, as shown.

Again, the arched Support inside the Left Front Wing will slide over top of this area, so we do not want any wiring stick up here:

Step 9

Fit the Left Front Wing assembly to the left front corner of the Motor Bay Frame, as shown.

The front edge of this Wing has a lip that needs to be first tucked inside the Front Bumper:

Then, as you fit this Wing, ensure all of the wiring is safely tucked inside. I see this could be a potential trouble area if our electrics do not work later on:

Step 10

Begin to secure the Left Wing to the Motor Bay Frame at the front with two (2) EM screws:

Step 11

Continue to secure the Left Wing into place at the rear with two (2) VM screws:

Step 12

Finish securing this Left Wing at the Front Bumper with two (2) GM screws:


The front Body of our 1:8 scale K.I.T.T. partwork model is now complete and I think it looks fantastic! I am so happy to finally see our Front Bumper mounted with its iconic red scanner and aggressive nose. Keep this assembly safely stored until the next parts arrive and we can begin work on the rear end of the car.

Next Up

 Stage 86 – Rear Window/Hinges (Coming Soon)

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