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“In this issue, you will assemble the left headlight and install it on your K.I.T.T. scale model.”




Materials: The Left Headlight Bracket is metal and the other parts are plastic.


  • The Series – Knight & Knerd (Part 1)
  • Build Your KI.T.T. – Step by Step


Left Headlight

NOTE: I have slight changed the order of these assembly steps from the printed instructions.

Step 1

Press the Left Headlight Lens into the front of the Left Headlight Housing, orienting the ‘HALOGEN’ marking on it as shown:

Step 2

Head over to your Chassis assembly and retrieve the Headlight LEDs and Wiring (marked ‘m’) cable by disconnecting it at the Dashboard:

Step 3

Press the LED on the shorter wires of the Headlight LEDs cable into the matching hole on the back of the Left Headlight Housing.

Once this LED is installed, route the wiring around the back of the Headlight, as shown:

Step 4

Fit this Left Headlight Housing assembly into the Left Headlight Base, as shown:

Secure the Housing into the Base with two (2) OP screws, one on each side as shown:

Step 5

Fit the Left Headlight Bracket into the Left Headlight Base, orienting it as shown:

Make sure the Headlight LEDs wiring is routed above this Bracket and then align the screw holes on both sides as shown:

Secure this Bracket to the Base with two (2) TM screws – one on each side.

IMPORTANT: The tighter these screws are, the harder it will be for the Headlights to raise and lower. Ideally, these should only be tightened enough to hold the part in place and still allow it to freely pivot around these screws.

This also is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 6

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous stage and place it upside down on a soft surface. Fit this Headlight assembly to the left front corner of the Motor Bay Frame, orienting it as shown:

Secure the Headlight Bracket to the Motor Bay Frame with two (2) AM screws, as shown.

Make sure the Headlight LEDs wiring does not become trapped underneath the Bracket as you secure it in place:

Step 7

Center the Headlight LEDs cable of this Headlight in this matching channel of the Motor Bay Frame:

Then, fit the Cable Clamp over the cable as shown, and secure it to the Frame with two (2) LM screws.

At no time should any of these steps trap, pinch, or otherwise hinder the movement of the Headlight LEDs cable. In order for our Headlights to properly raise and lower, there needs to be some slack in these wires:

Step 8

Gently turn your Body assembly back upright and check for the proper movement of this Headlight.

These Headlights should naturally close (lower) on their own by the force of gravity alone. They may not close completely and that is OK – we will help them with the addition of springs in a later stage:

We should also be able to easily open (raise) this Headlight assembly with a very light upward pressure. If you find either of these actions to be too firm or stiff, go back to Step 5 and try adjusting the TM screws:


These Headlights are part of a complex mechanism designed to open and close them electrically. They are also a bit delicate, and as they are wired, could possibly be tricky to work with. Hopefully, I have explained well enough how I installed them on my model!

Next Up

 Stage 78 – Right Headlight Base/Housing/Lens/Bracket, Cable Clamp

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