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“In this issue, you will mount the windshield and the engine bay frame onto the body structure of your K.I.T.T. scale model.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


  • The Series – The Nineteenth Hole
  • Build Your KI.T.T. – Step by Step


Installing the Motor Bay Frame

NOTE: I have slightly changed the order of these assembly steps from the printed instructions.

Step 1

Retrieve your Body assembly from Stage 74. Remove the two screws holding the forward ‘protection bar’ to the Body and discard the bar and the screws – they will no longer be needed:

Step 2

Slide the two upper tabs of the Windshield under the forward edge of the roof (yellow arrows), and then fit the three lower posts of the Windshield (red arrows) into the matching holes at these locations along the lower windshield opening, as shown.

TIP: Using a pair of vinyl gloves when handling clear window pieces will keep your fingerprints off them:

To protect my Windshield as we continue the build, I covered it with strips of low-tack painter’s tape:

Step 3

Secure this Windshield into place from below with three (3) BP screws along the lower edge, as shown.

Do not over-tighten these screws as we could risk cracking the plastic:

Step 4

Retrieve your Motor Bay Frame from Stage 74 as well as the two Frame Connectors and LM screws from the previous stage.

The two Frame Connectors are not the same, nor are they marked ‘L’ and ‘R’. This picture may help show which Connector is which:

Fit the locating pin of the left Frame Connector into the matching alignment hole at this left-side location inside the Motor Bay Frame, orienting the Connector as shown:

Align the screw holes of this Frame Connector and secure it to the Frame with two (2) LM screws:

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

In the same way, secure the right Frame Connector to the opposite side of the Motor Bay Frame with two more (2) LM screws, as shown:

Step 5

Bring this Motor Bay Frame to the front of the Body assembly and note how it will be attached:

To explain this process further, first pay attention to these two ‘pockets’ on underside of the Motor Bay Frame crossbar:

In order to fit the Frame correctly, those ‘pockets’ need to be fitted over these two matching posts on the inside of the lower windshield Body opening:

Secure the Motor Bay Frame to the Central Body Structure at the center with two (2) GM screws.

To accomplish this, I turned my Body assembly upside down on a soft cloth. Then, I angled the Motor Bay Frame down at the front and brought it back towards the Body until I could ‘hook’ the pockets up and over the posts, as shown:

On my model, once we ‘hooked’ the Motor Bay Frame onto the posts it held itself in place. However, it did sit at this weird angle:

Then, I loosely secured the Motor Bay Frame at the center with the two (2) GM screws. We can tighten these fully once the sides are connected:

Step 6

Secure the left side of the Motor Bay Frame to the Central Body Structure with two (2) GM screws.

As my Frame sat at a weird angle, I needed to manually flex it to bring these screw holes into alignment. It was not difficult, just awkward to hold:

Step 7

In the same way, secure the right side of the Motor Bay Frame to the Central Body Structure with two (2) more GM screws:

Step 8

Retrieve your two Cable Fasteners from Stage 74. Using two (2) AM screws, secure the Fasteners to the matching holes at these locations on the underside of the Central Body Structure windshield opening.

Note how I temporarily have these Fasteners angled away from the Windshield, as shown:

Then, run the Right Door Switch cable (42E) across the Central Body Frame member, tucking it under the Cable Fasteners.

With this cable in place as shown, I simply rotated my Fasteners to hold it down:

To further secure this Right Door Switch cable, I taped the center section down with a narrow piece of electrical tape:

Windshield and Wipers

Step 9

Press the small D-shaped pin at the end of the Windshield Wiper Arm Left into the matching hole of the Windshield Wiper Left.

These Arms and Wipers are not marked well. To determine which ones are left and right, I created this image. Note how the right Wiper is more curved and the right Arm has this bent lower section:

Knowing this, we can fit the pin of the Wiper Arm Left into the matching hole of the Wiper Left, as shown:

In the same way, press the small D-shaped pin at the end of the Windshield Wiper Arm Right into the matching hole of the Windshield Wiper Right, as shown:

Here, we have both Wiper assemblies together:

Step 10

Press the large D-shaped pin of each Windshield Wiper Arm into these matching holes of the Central Body Structure.

I only loosely fit these Wipers as they can be installed at any time during the build. You may even want to leave them off until later to help keep them from being damaged as we continue on:


Our Body assembly just got a whole lot bigger with the addition of this Motor Bay Frame. I am hoping that our recent efforts are leading us towards attaching the Front Bumper soon – I want to see it mounted up!

Next Up

 Stage 77 – Left Headlight Base/Housing/Lens/Bracket, Cable Clamp

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