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“In this issue, the handle, the interior lock and the rear-view mirror are fixed onto the right door. Also, the left door is attached to the central body structure of your scale model.”

Many of these steps will be the same ones we followed to assemble the Left Door in the previous stages.



Materials: The Right Door is metal and the other parts are plastic.


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Right Door and Rear-View Mirror

Step 1

Go to your Chassis assembly and disconnect the shorter Left Door Switch cable (marked ‘B’) from the wiring at the Dashboard:

Step 2

Retrieve your Switch Cover (70I) from the previous stage. Fit the Switch into the Cover, orienting it as shown:

Step 3

Retrieve your Central Body Structure from Stage 67. Fit the Switch/Cover assembly into this matching notch at the front edge of the left-side door opening, as shown.

The wiring of this switch passes through the forward notch of the Body Structure:

Secure the Cover to the Body with one (1) AM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 4

Retrieve your Left Door assembly from the previous stage. Fit the posts of the Left Door Hinge Support into the matching holes at this location on the Central Body Structure:

Secure the Left Door to the Body from the inside with two (2) RM screws (provided in the previous stage), as shown.

There is a small amount of wiggle room at this mounting point. Take a moment to align the Door into the matching Body opening properly before tightening these screws:

With this Door now attached, I used a small piece of painter’s tape to keep it closed as we continue the build:

Step 5

Fit the pin and post of the Right Door Handle into the matching holes at this location on the exterior of the Right Door, as shown:

Secure this Handle into place from the inside with one (1) AP screw.

As before, when I work with painted exterior parts I place them down on a soft cloth to protect them:

Step 6

Fit the Right Door Inner Latch into this matching recess of the Right Door as shown, then secure it into place with one (1) QM screw:

Step 7

Gently press the pin of the Right Rear-View Mirror into the post of the Right Rear-View Mirror Housing, aligning it to the opening as shown:

Step 8

Slide the tab of this Mirror Housing into this matching slot of the Right Door, orienting it as shown:

Secure the Mirror Housing to the inside of the Door with one (1) GM screw:


Our Central Body Structure has finally received its first chunk of the exterior panels with the Left Door! We will continue to build up the Right Door over the next two stages, so keep those parts nearby.

Next Up

 Stage 72 – Right Door Window/Hinge, Hinge Cover, Gears, Self-Adhesive Strips

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