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“In this issue, the right rear seat base is fitted and attached to the interior floor panel.”

The process we follow in this stage will be identical to those from Stage 62, just using the other seat.



Materials: The Right Rear Seat Base is soft PVC, the Base Padding is foam, and the Base Frame is plastic.


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Right Rear Seat Base

Step 1

Fit the Seat Base Padding under the rounded tabs of the Right Rear Seat Base, leaving the narrower end of the Padding sticking out as shown:

Step 2

In the same way, fit the Seat Base Frame into the Right Rear Seat Base, again resting underneath the Seat tabs.

The soft PVC of the Seat Base can be spread apart to wrap the tabs and posts around the Frame, as shown:

Step 3

Secure the Seat Base to the Seat Frame with three (3) DP screws.

Do not over-tighten these screws as they can twist the soft PVC of the Seat and make it bulge out of position:

Step 4

Retrieve your Interior Floor Panel assembly from the previous stage. Fit the pin and post on the bottom Seat Base Frame into the matching holes at this location of the Floor Panel, as shown.

The pin at the front bottom of the Seat Frame can bend easily, so take care here when installing this. If needed, you can widen the hole in the Floor Panel with a small pin vise drill or even just by rotating the tip of a hobby knife in there:

Step 5

Secure this Frame into place from below with one (1) BP screw:


All of this should have felt familiar as it was the same steps as building the Left Rear Seat Base.

Next Up

 Stage 65 – Right Rear Seat Backrest, Backrest Rear/Base, Padding, Adhesive Strips

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