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“In this issue, you will mount the servo and the brake fluid reservoir on the firewall.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


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Firewall and Brake Fluid Reservoir

Step 1

Fit the post of the Brake Servo to the matching post at this location on the Firewall Panel and slide the two small tabs of the Brake Servo into the matching slots.

The two small circular details on the Brake Servo should be at the top, as shown:

Secure the Brake Servo into place from the other side with one (1) BP screw:

Step 2

Fit the post of Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap into the top of the Brake Fluid Reservoir, aligning the parts as shown.

Make sure this is fitted correctly and is sitting flush:

Secure these parts together from below with one (1) BP screw:

Step 3

Press the two posts of the Brake Master Cylinder onto the matching pins on the bottom of the Brake Fluid Reservoir.

The square peg of the Master Cylinder should be facing the thicker end of the Reservoir, as shown:

Step 4

Press the square peg of the Master Cylinder into the matching slot of the Brake Servo, orienting it as shown:


We have moved away from the Interior for a bit to start work on our Firewall section. We will add a few more details to this assembly in the next stage before switching back over to working on the Interior again. Keep this stored safely until then!

Next Up

 Stage 55 – Fuse Box, Wiper Motor, Heater Core Cover/Housing, Coolant Expansion Tank/Cover, Firewall Wiring Sleeve

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