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“In this issue, you will mount the pedals and the seat belt straps on the interior floor panel.”




Materials: The Spring is metal, while the remaining parts in this stage are plastic.


  • The Series – Big Iron
  • Build Your KI.T.T. – Step by Step
  • Secret Files – Rebecca Holden


Pedals and Seat Belt Attachments

Step 1

Align the upper hole of the Brake Pedal to this hole of the Accelerator Pedal Bracket, as shown:

Secure these parts together with one (1) JP screw.

Do not over-tighten this screw as it acts as a pivot point for the Brake Pedal and allows it to move:

Step 2

Align one end of the Spring over this hole in Accelerator Pedal Bracket and secure it into place with one (1) HP screw.

At each end of the Spring there are eyelets that are opposite to each other:

When connecting the Spring to the Accelerator Pedal Bracket, make sure the other eyelet is higher up, as shown:

Align the other end of the Spring over this hole in Brake Pedal and secure it into place with one (1) more HP screw, as shown.

You may have to stretch the Spring a bit to install this screw:

The completed Brake Pedal and Spring assembly should look like this:

Step 3

Fit the keyed post of the Accelerator Pedal into the matching hole at this location on the Accelerator Pedal Bracket:

Secure the Accelerator Pedal into place with one (1) JP screw:

Step 4

Retrieve your Interior Floor Panel assembly from the previous stage. Align the two tabs of the Accelerator Pedal Bracket assembly to the matching holes at this front left (driver’s side) location on the Floor Panel, orienting it as shown:

Secure the Bracket into place with two (2) AP screws:

This is what our installed Pedal assembly should look like:

Step 5

Fit the two Seat Belt Catch Covers to the two Seat Belt Straps and secure them together with two (2) HP screws – one for each.

These parts are identical, so either Seat Belt Catch Cover fits to either Seat Belt Strap.

I did not want these screws to be visible either, so as I did in the previous stages, I glued these Covers to the Straps and then filled the screw holes with glue and paint. I did not use the screws at all:

Step 6

Position the strap end of a Seat Belt Strap assembly over this left rear hole of the Interior Floor Panel as shown, and then secure it into place with one (1) KP screw.

There are no pre-made holes in these straps. To make things easier, I used my hobby knife to slice a parallel slit in each strap near the end:

Then, I pushed the threads of a KP screw through each slit before securing the Seat Belt Straps into place.

While these Straps can be attached in two orientations, but I chose to do it this way so the nice side of the buckle will end up being on top:

Step 7

Position the strap end of the other Seat Belt Strap assembly over this right rear hole of the Interior Floor Panel and secure it into place with one (1) KP screw:

Once we get to installing the rear seats, we may need to adjust these Straps to be shorter or even flip them over. However, we will tackle that later:


We will be installing a switch above this Brake Pedal to activate K.I.T.T.’s tail lights in a future stage. Until then, we can marvel the nice pedals we have now installed!

Next Up

 Stage 54 – Firewall Panel, Brake Servo/Master Cylinder, Brake Fluid Reservoir/Cap

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