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“In this stage, you will assemble the lower dashboard panel components and attach the steering column and steering wheel to the dashboard.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


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Dashboard and Steering Column Support

NOTE: Before I started this stage, I installed the Dashboard Monitors and Power Boost mod from Mike Lane. See that page for more details.

While the Dashboard parts were removed, I took the opportunity to paint half of my red ‘keypad’ buttons with Tamiya X-1 Black acrylic paint to block the light. I only wanted my Power and Auto buttons to light up and for the most part this worked very well!

Step 1

Retrieve your Dashboard assembly from the previous stage. Fit the four tabs of the Lower Fascia Panel to the matching posts on the bottom of the Dashboard assembly.

There are a few additional things we can do here to make this step easier. First, gather all of the Dashboard cables and route them through these center posts:

Next, gently bend the leads of the two Voicebox LEDs down towards the Dashboard, as shown:

If you have a dashboard monitors mod installed, I recommend routing most of the right-side wiring inboard of this mounting post:

With my Mike Lane Dashboard Monitors mod, I laid the unconnected USB-C power cable near the board, as shown:

Finally, as you lower this Fascial Panel into place, make sure none of the wiring is trapped between these parts as you lower it into place:

On my model, this wire definitely wanted to get in the way – take your time and be careful here:

Secure the Lower Fascia Panel into place with five (5) screws.

There are two screws on the left side:

And, there are two screws on the right side:

If you have a dashboard mod like I do, the fifth screw may be inaccessible. If you do not, here is where the screw should be installed:

If you look closely, there is a small notch in the Fascia Panel for the wires of the Keypad cable (44B) to fit through at this location:

To keep my Dashboard wiring organized, I routed it all together and used a couple pieces of tape to hold the bundle in place:

Step 2

Fit the post of the Central Console Cover into this hole of the Lower Fascia Panel, as shown:

Secure the Cover into place from the other side with one (1) BP screw:

Steps 3-4

Remove the BP screw from the Lower Right Button Panel Housing. Fit the Dashboard Monitor Base down into this opening and align the screw hole to the previous screw location and secure it into place with one (1) GP screw.

The original BP is screw is no longer needed, but it can be saved with your spare screws. As I have the Dashboard Monitors mod from Mike Lane, this part was not installed on my model (this was expected):

Step 5

Retrieve your Steering Wheel/Column assembly from Stage 5. Slide the shaft of the Steering Column through this opening of the Steering Wheel Keypad assembly, as shown:

On the underside of the Dashboard, the shaft of the Steering Column should pass through this slot in the Lower Fascia Panel:

Step 6

Insert the tab of the Steering Column Control Lever into this slot of the Steering Column Bracket, as shown:

Then, fit this assembly to the exposed Steering Column behind the Dashboard, with the Control Lever towards the center of the car as shown:

Step 7

Cover the Steering Column Bracket with the Upper Steering Column Bracket as shown, then secure these parts together with one (1) BP screw.

At this point, the Steering Column Bracket can rotate around the Steering Column. This will be secured soon:

Step 8

Fit the pin and post of the Dashboard Rear 2 into the matching holes at this location of the Dashboard Rear 1, as shown.

This Dashboard Rear 2 is the ‘Surveillance Mode’ control box of our K.I.T.T. model:

Secure this Dashboard Rear 2 into place from the other side with one (1) BP screw:

Step 9

Fit the two central smaller posts of the Dashboard Rear 1 to the underside of the tabs of the Steering Column Bracket as shown, then secure the Dashboard Rear and Column Bracket together with two (2) BP screws.

Again, make sure the Steering Column Control Lever (arrow below) is facing the center of the car:

Step 10

Carefully rotate this Dashboard Rear assembly about the Steering Column until the posts are facing into the Dashboard, as shown:

Then, slide this Dashboard Rear toward the Steering Wheel until its posts align to the mounting points inside the Dashboard.

When in the correct position, the Steering Column Brackets should just touch the Steering Wheel Keypads assembly, as shown:

Step 11

Secure the Dashboard Rear assembly into place with three (3) BP screws.

The posts of the Dashboard Rear should fit on top of matching posts of the Dashboard, as seen here:

With this aligned correctly, we can now screw it into place:


I had no idea we would be adding so much to the underside of our Dashboard, but we did need to support the Steering Column in some way. And, there is still more to come in the next stage. I am happy to see the ‘Surveillance Mode’ box was included though!

Next Up

 Stage 49 – Front Left Interior Panels, Floor Housing, Passenger Dashboard Panels

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