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“In this issue, you will complete the assembly of the ComLink wristwatch by adding the strap and the back of the case.”




Materials: The Straps and Strap Loop are rubber, the Back of Watch is plastic, and the other parts are metal.


  • The Series – Speed Demons
  • Build Your KI.T.T. – Step by Step
  • Secret Files – High Traction Drop-Downs


Assembling the Watch Strap

Step 1

Slide the Strap Loop onto the Upper Strap, as shown:

Step 2

Fit the Watch Strap Buckle Pin between the Upper Strap loops, then slide the Bar through the loops capturing the Buckle Pin along the way.

Make sure the Buckle Pin is oriented correctly. The bent end of the Pin (circled) should face towards the smooth inside of the Upper Strap, as shown:

Step 3

Fit the holes in the Watch Strap Buckle onto the ends of the Bar, as shown.

Again, make sure this Buckle is attached facing the right way, with the Buckle Pin on the outside of it (circled below). The Bar itself is spring-loaded and can be gently compressed (yellow arrows) to fit it between the tabs and into the holes of the Buckle:

Step 4

Retrieve your ComLink Wristwatch from the previous stage and place it upside down on your work surface. Fit the Upper Strap and Lower Strap into the matching grooves at the top and bottom of the watch, as shown:

Step 5

Fit the Back of Watch Case Cover to the rear of the ComLink Wristwatch and align the screw holes:

Secure this Case Cover into place with three (3) FP screws:

NOTE: I waited until after this stage was complete to test the model’s electronic per the magazine instructions of the previous stage. I have written a dedicated Electrics Test post about how to do this and also operate the functions of the watch.


While this ComLink feels huge, it does look very accurate! It is a cool feature to be able to control the model remotely. However, I have a feeling that the CR2032 battery in this watch is not going to last very long because there is a wireless transmitter in there. Make sure to protect this watch as it is the only way to operate the car.

Next Up

 Stage 47 – Instrument Panel, Brake Pedal Switch

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