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“You will now assemble the air filter and the rest of the air intake system and attach it to the turbine assembly.”




Materials: The Front Air Intake Filter is photoetched metal, the Air Intake Covers are die-cast metal, and the rest is plastic.


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Turbine Assembly (8)

Step 1

Fit the flat Front Left Air Intake 01 into the hollow of the Front Left Air Intake 02, then secure these parts together with two (2) BP screws:

Step 2

Retrieve your Turbine Air Intake Duct assembly from the previous stage and turn it over. Fit the tab of the Front Left Air Intake 02 over the short posts at this location on the Air Intake Base 01, then secure the Air Intake 02 to the Base with two (2) BP screws as shown:

Step 3

Turning this Air Intake Duct assembly upright again, fit the Front Air Intake Filter Frame to the flat faces of the Front Air Intakes and align the four screw holes. Make sure the arrow on the Frame is pointing up towards the Air Intake Duct.

This is the arrow the instructions are referring to:

This arrow should be pointing up when installing the Frame:

Secure this Frame to the Front Air Intakes with four (4) BP screws:

Step 4

Fit the Front Air Intake Filter inside the recess of the Front Air Intake Filter Frame, then secure the Filter in place with two (2) EP screws.

The two grille openings of this Intake Filter are different sizes so the screw holes will only line up when this is fitted correctly:

Step 5

Turn the Air Intake Duct assembly upside down again, then align the long center post of the Right Air Intake Cover to the hole in the upright tab of the Air Intake Base 02, as shown:

Secure this Air Intake Cover into place with one (1) GM screw, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 6

Retrieve your Turbine engine assembly from Stage 23. Carefully align the two unused posts of the Right Air Intake Cover to the matching holes of the Back of the Turbine Housing, as shown.

Secure the Right Air Intake Cover to the Back with two (2) GM screws:

Step 7

Push the Air Intake Motor Housing Cap into the open end of the Air Intake Motor Housing until flush, as shown.

This part actually looks a lot like an old ignition coil. I would not be surprised that something like this would power the ignitors in a turbine engine.

Fit the pin and post of the Air Intake Motor Housing to the matching holes of the Left Air Intake Cover, as shown:

Secure the Air Intake Motor Housing to the Cover from the inside with one (1) BP screw:

Step 8

Bring this Left Air Intake Cover to the Right Air Intake Cover, aligning the parts flush as shown:

Secure the two Air Intake Covers together from the other side with two (2) GM screws:


With this Air Intake system now installed, we can shift our focus to installing many of the engine accessories in the next stages before attaching the engine to the Chassis. Keep this assembly safe for now.

Next Up

 Stage 27 – Compressor, Connectors/Brackets, Oil Reservoir/Cap, Sleeve Inlet, Chamber/Seal, Ignition, Generator

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