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“In this issue, you will put together the right exhaust of the turbine.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


  • The Series – Hearts of Stone
  • Build Your KI.T.T. – Step by Step
  • Secret Files – Tear Gas


Turbine Assembly (2)

Step 1

Align the holes of Turbine Right Exhaust 03 to the posts of Turbine Right Exhaust 04, as shown:

Secure these two parts together with two (2) BP screws:

Step 2

Fit the rounded tab of this assembly into the notch, and over the post, of Turbine Right Exhaust 01 as shown:

Step 3

Fit the Turbine Right Exhaust 02 over the tab, capturing it in place.

This part needs to be oriented correctly, as shown:

Step 4

Secure these parts together with three (3) CP screws:


This was the first of two exhaust assemblies for the turbine engine. We will attach this Exhaust to the Turbine in Stage 22.

Next Up

 Stage 21 – Turbine Left Exhaust

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