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“With the parts supplied in this issue, you put together the front right wheel and fix it to the front right axle.”

This stage will be very similar to the work we did on the Left Front Wheel in Stage 3.



Materials: The two Front Right Wheel parts are metal, the Tire is hard rubber, and the other parts are plastic.


  • The Series – Inside Out
  • Build Your KI.T.T. – Step by Step
  • Secret Files – Electrical Jamming Device


Front Right Wheel

Step 1

Fit the Front Right Wheel Outer Hub into the center of the Front Right Tire, as shown.

While handling this Front Right Wheel Outer Hub, be careful not to damage the delicate pre-installed valve stem (arrow below). Also, the Tire is the same on both sides, so it shouldn’t matter which side you start with.

TIP: If you soak the rubber Tire in warm/hot water for about 30 seconds first, it will be much easier to assemble this wheel:

From the other side, insert the Front Right Wheel Inner Hub into the Tire and align the three screw holes in both Wheel Hub parts:

Secure the two Wheel Hub parts together, capturing the Tire in between, with three (3) EM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Retrieve your Brake Disc and Brake Caliper assemblies from Stage 9. Slide the Brake Disc into the Caliper, as shown.

NOTE: The Metal Drilled Brake Discs from Mike Lane Mods you see here were installed back in Stage 9:

Step 3

Slide this Brake Disc assembly over the long post of the Right Steering Knuckle, aligning the tab of the Knuckle into the matching notch in the Caliper Bracket as shown:

Step 4

Then, slide the center post of the Wheel assembly through the Brake Disc, aligning the notch in the Brake Disc to the matching tab on the post of the Wheel.

Remember, there is a tab on the post of the Wheel assembly that needs to be aligned to the slot in the Brake Disc:

As with my Left Front Wheel, I installed the Magnetic Hub Caps mod from Mike Lane Mods here:

Step 5

Slide the Washer over the threads of one (1) FM screw and secure the Wheel to the Right Steering Knuckle with this FM screw/Washer combination.

The tighter this screw is, the harder it will be to turn the wheel:

Step 6

Fit the Hub Cap to the outside of the Wheel, aligning it to the five ‘lug nut’ holes:

Secure the Hub Cap into place with five (5) AM screws.

With the Magnetic Hub Caps mod from Mike Lane Mods, I did not need to install these screws.

Step 7

Turn the Chassis assembly over and slide the free end of the Left Front Brake Line (from Stage 10) onto this pin of the front right Brake Caliper Mount/Dust Shield.

You may want to use a drop of super glue to keep this hose attached:


We finally have both front wheels attached! Our Front Chassis is no longer leaning over like it has a flat tire.

Next Up

 Stage 17 – Fan Motor Frame/Blades/Surround

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