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“With this issue, you will fix the electronic control unit on the front right wheel arch. Then you will place the wheel arch onto the chassis and the front axle, fixing the shock absorber in place as you do so.”

This stage will be very similar to the work we did on the Front Left Wheel Arch in Stage 13.



Materials: The Mount 02, Shock Absorber Rod, and Spring are metal, while the other parts are plastic.


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Front Right Wheel Arch

Step 1

Retrieve your Front Right Wheel Arch assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Front Right Shock Absorber Top Mount 02 to this location on the Wheel Arch and align the three screw holes, as shown:

Secure the Top Mount 02 to the Wheel Arch with three (3) GM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Turn your Front Right Wheel Arch upside down and fit the keyed end of the Front Right Shock Absorber Rod into this matching keyed hole:

Secure the Absorber Rod into place from the other side with one (1) MM screw.

The key in the Absorber Rod will help keep it from turning as you tighten this screw. Once tight, the Rod will still be able to move a bit and that is OK:

Step 3

Fit the Electronic Control Unit Bottom onto the post at this location on the Front Right Wheel Arch, orientating it as shown:

Fit the Electronic Control Unit over the Bottom, matching the shape as shown:

Secure both the Electronic Control Unit and Bottom to the Front Right Wheel Arch from below with one (1) CP screw:

Step 4

Push the larger pin of Wiring Terminal 2 (the straight one) into this bottom hole on the side of the Electronic Control Unit, as shown:

Slide one end of the Electronic Command Unit Wiring onto the smaller pin of Wiring Terminal 1 (the angled one), as shown:

At this point, I decided to add some color to these Wiring Terminals to make them stand out better. Therefore, I removed the first Terminal and ‘painted’ both fittings with my Metallic Silver Sharpie. Once dry, I reinstalled the first Terminal back into the Electronic Control Unit as before:

Push the larger D-shaped pin of Wiring Terminal 1 into this matching top hole on the side of the Electronic Control Unit. When correctly fitted, the Wiring should goes towards the right (rear of the car) as shown:

Step 5

Slide the Spring over the Front Right Shock Absorber Rod:

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from Stage 13. Fit the Front Right Wheel Arch over the Front Right Steering Knuckle, sliding the Front Right Shock Absorber Rod into the Front Right Shock Absorber Body:

There is a locating pin on the Front Right Chassis that aligns to this center alignment hole of the Front Right Wheel Arch:

Step 6

Secure the rear of the Front Right Wheel Arch to the Chassis from above with two (2) EM screws:

Step 7

Further secure the front corner of the Front Right Wheel Arch to the Chassis from below with one (1) more EM screw:

Finally, secure the Front Right Wheel Arch Support to the side of the Chassis with one (1) GM screw.

Ironically, until I edited this picture, I did not realize I had not screwed the nearby Anti-Roll Bar U-Clamp fully. Whoops!

Step 8

Press the Front Right Shock Absorber Top Mount 01 into the matching hole of Top Mount 02, as shown:


With the Front Right Wheel Arch now attached, we can build and install the Front Right Wheel in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 16 – Front Right Tire/Rim/Hubcap

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