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“In this issue, you will assemble the tie rods and arms of the steering system, the anti-roll bar and the front brake line.”




Materials: The Steering parts are metal, but the Anti-Roll Bar parts and Brake parts are plastic.


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Steering System

Step 1

Place the Steering Center Link on your work surface with the center ‘bump’ up and the two curved ends facing away from you. Align the small rounded tab of the Steering Pitman Arm (10D marked ‘L’) to the left end of the Center Link and the small rounded tab Steering Idler Arm (10E marked ‘R’) to the right end of the Center Link, as shown.

NOTE: We are working on these parts upside down, so left is on the right and right is on the left:

Secure these two Arms to the top of the Steering Center Link with two (2) GM screws, one for each.

Do not over-tighten these steering system screws. Most of these parts need to be able to pivot around the screws in order for the steering to work properly. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Align the smaller posts of the Steering Left Tie Rod (marked ‘L’) and the Steering Right Tie Rod (marked ‘R’) to these middle holes of the Steering Center Link. Secure the Tie Rods through the Center Link with two (2) LM screws, one for each as shown.

The picture in the instructions does not make this very clear, but these Tie Rods need to be attached so they are angled forward (while lines below). Then the screws can be driven into place (red arrows below):

Step 3

Retrieve your Front Chassis assembly from the previous stage and turn it upside down. Fit this Steering Center Link assembly to the bottom of the Chassis aligning these various components as shown:

  • On the right side of the Chassis, the Steering Idler Arm fits over the post of the Tension Arm Bracket (6F), while the free end of the Steering Right Tie Rod fits into the curved arm of the Right Steering Knuckle:

  • Secure the Steering Idler Arm to the Tension Arm Bracket with one (1) DM screw:

  • On the left side of the Chassis, the Steering Pitman Arm fits over the square post of the Steering Gear poking out of the Steering Gearbox (7D), while the free end of the Steering Left Tie Rod fits into the curved arm of the Left Front Knuckle.

If needed, you can rotate the Steering Column slightly to reposition the square post of the Steering Gear so the Pitman Arm fits correctly:

  • Secure the Steering Pitman Arm to the Steering Gear with one (1) GM screw:

Step 4

Secure the Tie Rods to the curved steering arms of the two Front Steering Knuckles (3H and 9H) from the other side using two (2) more DM screws, one for each side:

Step 5

Fit the keyed post of the Front Anti-Roll Bar Links into the matching recess at each end of the Front Anti-Roll Bar as shown:

Secure these Bar Links into place from the other side with two (2) BP screws – one screw for each:

Step 6

Fit this middle of this Front Anti-Roll Bar assembly into these matching grooves at the front of the Chassis:

The Front Anti-Roll Bar Links  should pass in between the Control Arms on each side, as shown:

Align the holes and secure the Links to the Control Arms with two (2) BP screws, as shown:

Step 7

Fit the two Front Anti-Roll Bar U-Clamps over the Front Anti-Roll bar as shown. Then, secure these U-Clamps to the Chassis with four (4) GM screws, two on each side:

Front Brake Lines

Step 8

Slide the end of the longest Front Brake Line (10J) to this pin of the Front Brake Distributor, as shown.

NOTE: The ‘bottom’ surface of this Front Brake Distributor has the round post on it. The recessed screw hole is on the ‘top’:

Side the ends of the two shorter Left/Right Front Brake Lines to the remaining pins of the Front Brake Distributor:

In order to make it easier to route these hoses the way I wanted, I inserted lengths of 22 Gauge Craft Wire into each one. These wires were cut slightly shorter than each hose to allow space for the pins the hoses will connect to:

Using wire like this makes the hoses stiffer and they will hold their shape better:

Step 9

Flip your Front Chassis back upright. Fit the Front Brake Distributor over this post of the Front Axle Crossmember so the longer Front Brake Line faces forward as shown, then secure the Front Brake Distributor into place with one (1) GM screw:

Feed the Left Front Brake Line through the gap between the Upper Left Control Arm and Crossmember and connect the free end of the line to this pin on the back of the Brake Caliper Bracket:

I used a tiny drop of super glue here to keep this hose from falling off:

In the same way, feed the Right Front Brake Line through the gap between the Upper Right Control Arm and Crossmember and leave it unconnected for now:


At this point in the build, we should be able to twist the Steering Column and it will steer the front wheel. Try not to position the front wheels by turning them directly, it does not appear that the steering system will operate correctly doing that way.

Next Up

 Stage 11 – Chassis Center Section/Cover, Brake Line Guides, Fuel Filter

3 thoughts on “STAGE 10”

  1. I did the same thing with the 22 gauge wiring. thing is, I broke one of the pins on part 10H. Do you know any suggestions on how to fix that?

    1. I’d recommend drilling a tiny hole in 10H where the pin was, extend the end of the craft wire out the end of the tube, and glue the wire into the hole. Save yourself the headache of finding a replacement part.

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