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“With this issue, you will receive the parts for the hood. Follow the instructions to attach the inner reinforcement to the hood, fix the air inlet and lock, and mount the hinges on the left side of the hood.




Materials: Here I will describe the materials the supplied parts in each stage are made out of. All of the screws are metal, so I will not mention them. For instance, in this stage the Hood, Air Intake, Air Intake Grill, and Hood Hinge parts are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • Phillips-head Screwdriver (appears to be size PH00)


  • The Series – K.I.T.T.
  • Build Your KI.T.T. – Step by Step
  • Secret Files – Icons of the 80s

Fold Out Poster

A multi-page brochure describing the model and its features, including a full scale image of the completed model.


Hood Mounting

Step 1

Gently bend the Air Intake Grill to a 90° angle along the center line, as shown.

There is a crease line embossed into this Air Intake Grille that shows where the bend should be:

This crease line should be at the inside of the bend. I simply used a plastic ruler as a straight edge and carefully bent the grille by hand:

Step 2

Fit this Air Intake Grill into this opening of the Hood Inner Reinforcement, aligning the three screw holes.

It is easier to slide the tab of this Air Intake Grille up through the opening from underneath, as shown:

Secure the Air Intake Grill to the Hood with three (3) AP screws:

Step 3

Press the two pins of the Hood Lock (1I) into the matching holes at this forward location on the Hood Inner Reinforcement.

This is a press-fit connection, so no screws or glue is required:

Step 4

Fit the two posts of the Hood Lock (1C) into the matching holes at this location on the Hood Inner Reinforcement.

Make sure the ‘hook’ end of this Hood Lock is facing towards the center of the Hood Inner Reinforcement, as shown:

Secure this Hood Lock into place from the other side with two (2) more AP screws:

Step 5

Flip your Hood Inner Reinforcement over and align the Air Intake onto the two locating pins at this location, as shown.

NOTE: This Air Intake will be loose until it is secured into place during the next step:

Step 6

Place your Hood upside down on your work surface. Then, fit the Hood Inner Reinforcement assembly on top of it aligning the screw holes to the posts underneath, as shown.

I highly recommend placing a soft cloth under any external painted parts to protect them:

Begin securing the Hood Inner Reinforcement assembly to the Hood using six (6) AM screws.

This is the first of many friendly reminders to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal. There are three screws at the front edge…

… and three screws at the rear edge:

Step 7

Finish securing the front edge of the Hood Inner Reinforcement assembly to the Hood using two (2) BM screws, as shown:

Step 8

Fit the large holes of the Hood Hinge Base (marked ‘L’) over these matching posts on the left (driver’s) side of the Hood assembly, as shown:

Secure the Hood Hinge Base to the Hood assembly with two (2) DM screws.

Make sure these screws are fully tightened as the Hood Hinge Base should not move:

Step 9

Using one (1) CM screw, secure the Left Hood Hinge 1 to the Hood Hinge Base as shown.

The longer Left Hood Hinge 1 (1F) has a notch in it and the shorter Left Hood Hinge 2 (1G) has an notably angled corner (both marked below):

The Left Hood Hinge 1 should be mounted to the Hood Hinge Base with the notch (arrow below) facing down towards the Hood, as shown. When tightening the screws in this step, make sure both hinges are stiff but are still able to rotate about their screws. If not, loosen the screws a bit:

Using one (1) more CM screw, secure the Left Hood Hinge 2 (1G) to the Hood Hinge Base.

This Left Hood Hinge 2 should be mounted with the angled corner (arrow below) facing up and away from the Hood as shown:


The first thing I noticed about this stage was the incredible paint job on the Hood. It is a beautiful glossy black with nary a defect to be found. I bought some polishing compound just in case, but I don’t think I will need it. I just use a microfiber cloth to keep the fingerprints away. So far, I am really enjoying this Fanhome Knight Rider K.I.T.T. build!

Next Up

 Stage 2 – Front Bumper, Scanner Lens/Base, Light Housings, Left Side Light Lenses/Frames/Bracket

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    1. If it was a recent shipment from Fanhome, you can call them for a replacement. If not, you can try the various partwork buy/sell exchange marketplaces on Facebook or eBay.

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