This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Stage 1 – Hood, Hood Inner Reinforcement/Latch/Hinges/Hinge Base/Lock, Air Intake/Grille
  • Stage 2 – Front Bumper, Scanner Lens/Base, Light Housings, Left Side Light Lenses/Frames/Bracket
  • Stage 3 – Left Front Tire/Rim/Hubcap/Brake Disc/Knuckle/Brake Caliper/Brake Caliper Bracket
  • Stage 4 – Dashboard Panels/Housings, K.I.T.T. Voice Box, Monitor Screens, Instrument Panels, Steering Wheel/Column, Keypads
  • Stage 5 – Scanner Light PCB/Inner Housing, Battery Compartment with Switch, Front Right Chassis
  • Stage 6 – Front Axle Crossmember, Control Arm Brackets, Tension Arm Bracket, Right Upper Suspension Control Arm
  • Stage 7 – Front Left Chassis Beam, Steering Column/Gearbox/Cross Joint/Gears, Front Left Suspension Upper Control Arm
  • Stage 8 – Front Left Lower Control Arm/Spring/Joints/Shock Absorber, Front Left/Right Reinforcements/Mounts
  • Stage 9 – Front Right Lower Control Arm/Spring/Joints, Dust Shield, Right Brake Disc/Caliper/Steering Knuckle, Shock Absorber Body
  • Stage 10 – Steering Tie Rods/Center Link/Pitman Arm/Idler Arm, Front Anti-Roll Bar/Links/U-Clamps, Front Brake Distributor/Lines