During the build of the Fanhome 1:8 scale Knight Rider K.I.T.T. we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each stage. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

StageGeneral ContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
2Front Bumper13221532
3Left Front Wheel10321143
4Dashboard, Steering Wheel24561558
5Scanner PCB, Battery Box, Front Right Chassis460664
6Front Suspension (1)767872
7Front Suspension (2)9761486
8Front Suspension (3)9851399
9Front Suspension (4)109511110
10Steering System, Brake Lines1410917127
11Central Chassis Section51149136
12Front Left Wheel Arch, Battery61203139
13Front Left Shock Absorber, Windshield Washer Tank71279148
14Front Right Wheel Arch, Oil Tank51323151
15Electronic Control Unit91419160
16Front Right Wheel 51469169
19Turbine (1)31644190
20Turbine (2)41675195
21Turbine (3)41715200
22Turbine (4)517612212
23Turbine (5)31796218
24Turbine (6)21813221
25Turbine (7)41857228
26Turbine (8)819316244
27Compressor Chamber1520815259
28Gearbox, Hoses162249268
29Chassis Rear Section322718286
30Chassis Beams423111297
31Driveshaft, Fuel Lines1324415312
32Left Exhaust424810322
33Right Exhaust525315337
34Rear Axle32564341
35Rear Axle Mounting726312353
36Rear Left Suspension827111364
37Rear Left Wheel627712376
38Rear Right Suspension828511387
39Rear Right Wheel629112399
40Rear Anti-Roll Bar52968407
41Speaker Box, Support Brackets63020407
42Wiring, Circuit Board, Speaker93116413
43Wiring Assemblies163272415
44Wiring Assemblies103370415
45Comlink Wristwatch83451416
46Comlink Strap73523419
47Instrument Panel335510429
48Dashboard/Steering Column Support836314443
49Front Interior Panels937217460
50Transmission Housing43763463
51Lower Center Console1338911474
52Interior Floor Panel439312486
53Pedals, Seat Belt Attachments840110496
54Firewall, Brake Fluid Reservoir54062498
55Firewall Accessories74138506
56Driver's Seat34166512
57Driver's Seat Frame/Mechanism44207519
58Driver's Seat Backrest742713532
59Passenger Seat34306538
60Passenger Seat Frame/Mechanism44347545
61Passenger Seat Backrest744113558
62Left Rear Seat Base34444562
63Left Rear Seat Backrest444812574
64Right Rear Seat Base34514578
65Right Rear Seat Backrest645722600
66Rear Floor Panel34606606
67Central Body Structure14617613
68Left Door54663616
69Left Door Window/Hinge84741617
70Left Door Inner Panel948313630
71Right Door54886636
72Right Door Window/Hinge84961637
73Right Door Inner Panel950513650
74Motor Bay Frame35083653
75Hood Hinges1151912665
76Windshield, Wipers552415680
77Left Headlight55298688
78Right Headlight55348696
79Headlight Mechanism1054412708
80Headlamp Motor Cover75516714
81Right Front Fog Lights1256317731
82Front Bumper Frame556812743
83Right Front Wing35712745
84Right Front Wing Support357413758
85Left Front Wing35772760
86Left Front Wing Support858518778
87Rear Window35886784
88Spoiler, Rear Window Panels65948792
89Roof Windows35972794
90Left Rear Wing36002796
91Rear Roof Plate, Fuel Tank Cover560512808
92Right Rear Wing36087815
93Side Trim46124819
94Left Door Inner Frames/Bottom Rails46167826
95Right Door Inner Frames/Bottom Rails46207833
96Roof Control Panel66262835
97Roof Headliner56319844
98Tail Light Cover56360844
99Rear Bumper36392846
100Rear License Plate46434848
101Rear Turn Signal Lights46474852
102Left Trunk Wall66535857
103Seat Belt, Tailgate Rod46574861
104Rear Trunk Wall466110871
105Right Trunk Wall46652873
106Seat Belt, Trunk Wall36689881
107Luggage Compartment Lining46725886
108Luggage Compartment Rails/Clips56776892
109Rear Fenders267913905
110Safety Belt Covers1269112917