Scanner Upgrade

While the stock Front Scanner of our Fanhome 1:8 scale Knight Rider K.I.T.T. is quite good looking, I did have to modify it during my first Electrics Test as a bad component was causing me troubles. Also, it is basically either on or off with no control over speed or color.

Strangely enough, I found that one of the LEGO lighting companies I frequent use has a Drop-In Scanner Upgrade for our K.I.T.T. for $30 USD.

Not only is this Brickstuff upgrade simply plug-and-play, but it also adds the classic all-on pulse when starting up AND has two scanning speed options with both red and yellow colored LEDs. For those who want to build a K.A.R.R. version of our model, this is perfect!

UPDATE: As I was routing the wiring in Stage 86, I realized that some wiring Extension Cables from Mike Lane to complete the installation of this mod.


The installation of this replacement board is as simple as removing the stock one and replacing it with this one. The wiring/plug is already attached and is directly compatible with the stock wiring:

If you would like to change the speed/color of the LEDs, you can attach the included button to the board and hide the button somewhere inside the model. If you decide to go with the yellow color, you will have to change out the red lens in front of these LEDs:

A quick power-on test and everything works perfectly!

Stage 86

Upon reaching Stage 86 of the build, you may find that the power wire for this Scanner is very short:

I recommend adding some length to this cable using one or two Extension Cables from Mike Lane:

This way the power wires will reach inside the Body and can be connected to the stock wiring later on:


This upgraded Front Scanner works just like the stock one and is powered by the model. However, if the small button is attached, it can be switched between four modes:

  • Pressing the button once will change the speed of the scanning between slow and fast
  • Holding the button down for a couple of seconds and letting go will start the board up in the alternate color (red or yellow)

I made a quick YouTube video showing the different modes here:


What an easy and immediate improvement mod for our Knight Rider build! If you want a great looking scanner effect or even if you have one of the first stock boards with the bad capacitor on it, I highly recommend this affordable Drop-In Scanner Upgrade from Brickstuff!